To further vertically integrate our business and provide a complete supply chain solution to our clients, Truckers India has been constructing its own warehouses. So far 260,000 square feet of storage space has been constructed with another 400,000 square feet in the pipeline.

Quality of Construction:
  • Highest quality of construction material
  • Pillar-less construction for warehouses as large of 100,000 square feet to optimize usable space
  • Rust proof roofing
  • Multiple loading bays, where the height of the floor matches the bed of the vehicle
  • Multistoried storage with conveyor belts to maximize land use
  • Green Buildings, incorporating
    • Natural light
    • Water-Harvesting
    • Self ventilating exhausts
  • Typically 60:40 Ratio for Built-up:Open Space adopted at sites so as to facilitate max vehicle parking
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Warehouse and
C & F Services
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